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S.C.A.R.   Secret Community for Adventurous Rock

Three-piece adventurous rock band who have forged an intensive individual band sound with what they call "expressive" rock.
Last year they released their debut album "The Awakening" on which the band displays great dynamics, superb songs and a beautiful sonic quality by an inventive production with a tasty vintage vibe.
The style of the band is a mix of what fans describe as a mix of alternative rock, new wave moods, a twist of grunge and a deep love for the great bands of the seventies!

The band is founded by guitar player/singer Jack Pisters who wanted to explore the emptiness and freedom of a classic three piece line up. His guitars sound great in this approach and push the songs from delicate moves to roaring rage. Jack is known from his work with bands as Soylent Green, Avalon and the band of Keith Caputo and Anouk.

Victor Dirks gives the band an adventurous drive with creative drumparts en unexpected approaches. He came in to the band being sweet sixteen and has developed into a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He currently is working on an electronic soundscape project and plays the piano in his spare time.

On bass finally miss Jaimie van Hek who gives the band an adventuroustwist in bass lines and rhythms and does what a bassist should do in a three-piece band. She is known for her bass work with bands as Syzygy, art rockers Evant Garden and the Marcel Singor Band.

Check out their live shows where the band stretches the concepts they put down on their smashing debut album. The album "The Awakening, which offers ten great songs, was released before Summer 2006. The tracks were recorded at vintage heaven: The Ultimate Recording Studio" under the guidance of top producer Maurice "Mouse" Bom.


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GIGS COMING UP : * March 7th 2007 - Paard van Troje Cafe, Den Haag * March 9th 2007 - Franse Bulldog, Scheveningen * March 23rd - P60, Amstelveen (Emergenza Festival Semi Finals) * April 28th - Exit, Rotterdam (DAWA RECORDS ROADSHOW) * April 30th 2007 - DAWA Office Overtoom, Amsterdam * May 25th - Bazart, Den Haag * * June 2nd 2007 - R17, Grootebroek *  


P.O. BOX 59621
P: +31(0)206839079